Even from afar, I was struck with the sense that I was seeing something of a rare form of human...

My name is Lauren. Currently, an Ivy League graduate student in my mid-twenties and professional escort. 

A few years ago, I became acutely aware of a disconnect in my life. I felt as though I was stuck viewing the world from behind a grayed and out-of-focus window. I could almost see the vibrant color and contrast that was in reality before me, but not quite.

I wasn’t sure exactly what it was or how to find it, but nonetheless I felt certain that there was more to life, and I wanted badly to know it. Thus began my journey, what I can only call a sexual tour-de-force, through Manhattan.

It was life-changing.

I gained a comfort in my own skin beyond what I had ever imagined, the sense of being engaged with my own potential and the potential for connection with others in new, exciting and indescribably liberating ways. Best of all, I stepped out from behind the gray and scuffed window and into the stunning clarity of a world colored by every imaginable hue. 

I am passionate about sharing experiences with others. I find it exhilarating to look out at the world through a fresh set of eyes. Intimacy is the convergence of perspective, a shared moment in space and time. It is comfortable perfection. 

There is a world of possibility before us, so take my hand. 

Until We Meet,



Our relationship is as unique as our interpersonal chemistry

My greatest turn on is to see my partner engaged, connected to and enjoying their self on a magnitude greater than ever before; a shared journey through experience that leaves us both mouthing “wow.”

Eroticism takes many paths, but, all roads lead to Rome.


At its core, this is the experience of naked desire, and all that flows from it.


I take pleasure in a wide variety of activities and preferences outside traditional expressions of intimacy: I am an experienced submissive as well as dominant. My acumen includes role-play, impact, bondage, predicament bondage, humiliation, consensual non-consent, and almost all fetishes. As a dominant, I am sensual and verbal rather than corporal. As a submissive, I enjoy moderate to heavy play.


I deeply enjoy group sessions.

I have a special group of friends who I collaborate with often. My closest confidantes are the uniquely lovely Penelope, Brooke and Eloise - whom I recommend wholeheartedly in combination or singularly. 

In addition, I love exploring all the dynamics that are possible between a woman and two men. If you share this desire, please inquire about meeting myself and my good friend Matt, a UTR kindred spirit and trusted partner.